We Are Building Hope!

Dear Habitat Friend,                               

I cannot thank you enough for the inspirational and financial support that you give to our mission. I am overwhelmed with gratitude to our volunteers and our staff for bringing such effort, compassion and commitment to Hartford Area Habitat for Humanity.  I am proud to share that our affiliate recently completed a Global Village trip with our sister affiliate in the Dominican Republic.  It was a life changing experience.  We strive to spread God’s love by constructing affordable housing to ensure everyone has access to a roof over their head. With the help of volunteers like you, we are able to provide safe havens for families who may not have the means to live in a modern, safe home. With a large community of donors willing to give their time and money to our organization, we have successfully equipped many to become successful homeowners.  Thanks again for being our greatest partner as we continue to build homes, community and hope!

In partnership,

Karraine Moody                      

Executive Director  


August 28

September 6-24

September 18-30