Why Give?

For nearly 25 years, Hartford Area Habitat for Humanity has been putting God’s love into action by helping hardworking and deserving families become successful homeowners. People of diverse faiths and backgrounds find common ground in building homes and establishing strong communities. We’ve come this far without a reserve of funds or endowment of any kind. Now, as HAHFH enters the next stage of its maturity as an organization, you are invited to consider a legacy gift to Hartford Area Habitat for Humanity by including us in your estate plans.

By planning a legacy gift, you are building a strong foundation for your community’s future and ensuring we are able to continue serving others in our mission to eliminate poverty housing.

What is Planned Giving?

Planned Giving is a set of ways you, a supporter of Hartford Area Habitat for Humanity, can arrange to leave gifts of money or other assets to fund our mission after your lifetime. While, on some level, all gifts are “planned,” - we think carefully about the causes we’d like to support and how much we can contribute - planned giving refers specifically to the gifts we plan to make to charities and other organizations when we no longer need any assets at all. Planned giving is an essential part of an estate plan and frequently offers tax advantages to you.

Almost any kind of a gift you might leave to a family member or heir in a will can also be given to Hartford Area Habitat for Humanity.

Family Standing in a Kitchen

Happy Family Standing in Front of their Home