Where We Are Building

Did you know that Hartford Area Habitat for Humanity builds dedicates 10 homes on average every year.  We serve 30-40 families per year utilizing our multi-tiered program of new construction, full house renovations and repairs.  The gallery below highlights our volunteers, sponsors and our family partners!

Main Street of Hartford

We are currently completing three homes in the northeast neighborhood of Hartford.These homes are in the heart of Habitat's impact in the City of Hartford. We've built more than 100 homes in the Northeast neighborhood.

South Marshall Street of Hartford

The South Marshall Street Initiative began in 2011 and has already completed construction on a 16-house building project, and is now building an additional six homes across the street to extend the development to almost the entire city block. Asylum Hill has the lowest homeownership rate of Hartford’s 17 neighborhoods. This project is seen as an essential foundation for improving the area, where 37.5% of Asylum Hill residents live below the poverty line and only 567 of the 5,625 housing units are owner-occupied.

Building Community Collaborations for Positive Change